As part of the broader GEEmap project, I presented on the data visualisation techniques used in its production at Joining the Dots: The Art and Science of Data Visualisation at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

The presentation covered primarily the data visualisation approach of the project, such as;

  • How the data was identified, classified and the data structures used for visualisation
  • The process of selecting the right visualisation for the project
  • Implementation, including challenges encountered with d3.js, in particular with text wrapping of SVG text
  • Next steps for the project, such as visualing change in the ecosystem over time

The audience provided some excellent feedback which will be used to iterate the GEEmap visualisation including tips on interactivity control by finessing the pointer-events used in the d3.js visualisation.

Here’s a video of the session, courtesy of Walter and Eliza Hall Institute



You can view the presentation slides here (impress.js, use arrow keys to navigate)