The Girls Leading Advanced Manufacturing (GLAM) program, hosted by the Geelong Region Vocational Education Council, supported by Skilling the Bay, is an educational program which exposures Year 9 and 10 female students to advanced manufacturing. The program encourages and inspires young women to explore the range of opportunities presented by careers in STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

As part of the program wrap up function, I was invited to provide a guest talk on the topic of ‘Your digital future’. The talk opened by positioning STEM careers in the broader context of ubiquitous computing, and the spread of Internet of Things devices, the blurring lines between artificial intelligence and humanity and the role technologists can play here. It went on to showcase a number of women and their achievements in STEM, highlighting the breadth of career options that are available. The talk related exemplars back to the different drivers and motivating factors for pursing a career in STEM.

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