Ensuring Black voices matter: Why your voice assistant is racist, and what you can do about it

Does your voice assistant support multiple languages? At PyConAU 2020, Kathy Reid explores why not - and how we can fix it.

Beach Wreck Ignition: Challenges in open source voice – presentation at linux.conf.au 2019, Christchurch

This talk, accepted into the main track of linux.conf.au 2019 Christchurch, covers challenges at all levels of the open source voice stack.

Good, better, breast: building a sensing mastectomy prosthetic with open hardware – presentation at linux.conf.au 2020, Gold Coast

This talk, from linux.conf.au 2020 at the Gold Coast, documents the development of SenseBreast - an open source sensing mastectomy prosthetic.


IoT and Big Data MasterClass at Technology Geelong Digital Lean-In

Invited by Technology Geelong for their inaugural 'Lean In' event, this presentation provided a jargon-free introduction to the concepts behind both the Internet of Things and Big Data.

Wearable technology workshop at DATTA Vic Big Wool Day Out

When the Design and Technology Teacher's Association of Victoria wanted a presenter to deliver a workshop on wearable technology, they reached out. The results were ... illuminating!

Kathy Reid's NFC business card

NFC business cards – a new way to connect

Learn more about how near field communication (NFC) works, and the applications it can be used for.