Data visualisation of Mozilla Common Voice v9 dataset metadata coverage in Observable

Covers how accents are represented in voice data, such as BCP-47 and ISO-639 standards, and what challenges this presents for machine learning.

Communities are systems presentation header

Communities are systems: invited keynote for 2022

What can systems thinking teach us about building open source communities?

DeepSpeech in 5 minutes

DeepSpeech in 5 minutes or less

This Lightning Talk from Canberra Python Users Group provided an overview of DeepSpeech speech recognition, which uses a seq2seq algorithm.

DeepSpeech PlayBook

I developed the DeepSpeech PlayBook to demystify the process of training speech recognition models with Mozilla's DeepSpeech engine.

More Voice Less Choice

More choice less voice: The rise of voice interfaces and the decline of open source voice

Voice is becoming ubiquitous. But the way voice has scaled means that our choice in voice technologies is constrained. Let's create voice for everyone, everywhere, in every language.

Ensuring Black voices matter: Why your voice assistant is racist, and what you can do about it

Does your voice assistant support multiple languages? At PyConAU 2020, Kathy Reid explores why not - and how we can fix it.